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On Subject and Object

Publié le dimanche 28 mars 2010

« The separation of subjet and object is both real and semblance. True, because in the realm of cognition it lends expression to the real separation, the riveness of the human condition, the result of a coercive historical process ; untrue, because the historical separation must not be hypostatized, not magically transformed into an invariant. This contradiction in the separation of subject and object is imparted to epistemology. Although as separated they cannot be thought away, the pseudos of the separation is manifested in their being mutually mediated, object by subject, and even more and differently, subject by object. As soon as it is fixed without mediation, the separation becomes ideology, its normal form. Mind then arrogates to itself the status of being absolutely independent - which it is not : mind’s claim to independence announces its claim to domination. Once radically separated from the object, subject reduces the object to itself ; subject swallows object, forgetting how much it is object itself »

Theodor ADORNO, "On subject and object" in Critical Models (1963-69) Translation Henry W.Pickford, Columbia University Press (1999), p.246.

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